Spaulding Avenue: A Job In Progress

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Here is a quick video of us in the middle of construction during the finishing stage of renovating a home in Los Angeles, California. This is a smaller, family home built in the 1940s in which we completed a major renovation of the main house where we completely remodeled all of the rooms – full kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, bedroom remodeling as well as creating a vaulted ceiling from a partial attic space not to mention a full guesthouse remodel.

This renovation included multiple room additions featuring a new master bedroom and master bathroom. In the next stage, we will focus on the outside. This includes landscaping and reshaping the swimming pool to create a luxurious oasis in their backyard. We did are best to work with our client’s budget and time frame and are happy to say we’re on point!

We’d like to thank the fabulous production team at Clu Creative Media with Monica Surrena, Cinematographer Luc Nicknair in collaboration with Cymarron West’s own Bobby Holland & Reggie Turner.